Cwmavon Evangelical Church, Port Talbot SA12 9DF.  The word “Evangelical” is taken from a New Testament word in the Bible meaning “The announcing of good news.”  The good news is that the Lord Jesus Christ – who is Almighty God – became a man to save us from sin and death.He lived a perfect life obeying God’s law on our behalf. He also died on the cross taking the punishment of our sins and so satisfied the anger of a holy God. Then He rose from the dead showing Himself to be alive as Lord and Saviour. It is Him that we all need; He is the only way of salvation. Included in this good news is the fact that there is still time to be saved and everyone is invited to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our minister,Peter Elward, also serves two other churches: Paran Chapel,Blackmill & Afan Christian Fellowship,Abercregan. Click Here!


We are currently holding our Sunday morning service on Zoom but hope to be able to meet back in our building soon.  As Christians we believe that the most important thing in life is to come to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Perhaps the present crisis will make us realise how fragile our lives are and teach us the value of being at peace with God. The hymn below was sung recently on Songs of Praise on BBC TV and the words speak about “Knowing Jesus-there is no greater thing.”  



Discoverers for children
Every Friday 5.30-7pm.Term times only. | Discoverers has been cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus situation.