I took my Dad down to Porthcawl pier the other day. He was quite a keen fisherman in his time. It was a lovely day as we quietly strolled along and then I noticed this plaque that has been placed in the wall. The words are from the Bible,the book of Psalms reminding us that … Continued

Lionel Messi grass!

In Barcelona from where we were staying we were able to walk to the football stadium in just 30 minutes. There is a great museum there of the history of the club;you could spend the day there if you wanted to! We sat in the stadium and could see that the grass was being removed … Continued

Holiness-inside or out?

Last week we were in Barcelona and went to see some of Antoni Gaudi’s garden works and the church,Sagrada Familia, which is being re-built today. It’s a fascinating place. We made our way to catch the metro when one of our family said,”Where are you going !? you haven’t seen the other side yet!”  So … Continued

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of William Williams Pantecelyn.

Sadly this great hymn has become just a rugby anthem in Wales. It was even sung in Rhodri Morgan’s humanist funeral recently as a celebration of Welsh culture! The words,however,contain the message of the Christian faith which Williams believed passionately. He travelled extensively throughout Wales teaching this message until his death on January 11th 1791 … Continued